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Our offerings have shrunk just a little this year but most of our customers won’t be affected. The "Moosely Maine" giftpack is no more, but you can still get the wreath with the moose motif. The ribbon has moose and Christmas trees on it and there is a small moose ornament which you can save to put on your tree. We also discontinued the seven foot tree. There was very little demand for it and it was always a hassle to get it into the outsize box.

What a nice summer it was, once we emerged from the spring deluge of rain. Here in Maine it was the 4th wettest June since they began keeping records in 1870. It tapered off a little as the summer wore on, but the lawns stayed vibrant and needed mowing as often as they did in May. The balsam fir trees loved it. Their active growth kept going another couple of weeks past their usual shutdown around the middle of June.

Last year we charged $18 for shipping outside the 48 contiguous states. It wasn’t enough. If you want to send a wreath or gift to someone in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, call and we will get a quote from UPS. Priority mail has become an issue as well. We’ll do it but will charge what the Post Office charges us plus the cost of the box.

Thank you for your continued faithful patronage. We enjoy the thought of our little brochure being welcomed into so many homes. We wish you a peaceful and meaningful Christmas season.

Happy Holidays!

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